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A landscape from out of space! The white, volcanic rocks and the absense of any kind of flora makes the beach extraordinary.
History says that the beach used to be the base of pirates and, actually, if you explore the area you will find remainings of the binders for their ships.
If you are a diving enthousiast you will be amazed with the underwater sight of Sarakiniko beach!


An amazing beach with white sand, blue waters and absence of commercial activity!
Reaching (by car) you will meet a steep slope, which you can easily climb down and reach the beach. Be prepared and equipped with all the necessary things (such as water, food etc) as there are no shops or cantines.


Adamas (or Adamantas) is the port and the main and biggest villageĀ of Milos. In this picturesque village you will find all the neccesary services for your comfortable accommodation, such as banks, police station, ATMs, restaurants, bars, rental cars. Within the area of the village there are three beaches, Lagada, Papikinou, Franconimata.


The traditional fishing village, Klima, is one of the most picturesque villages of the Aegean Sea. The village used to be the lee of the fishermen of the area and the multi-coloured doors of the houses used to be the sign for each of them. In our days, these houses are for rent, but the ambience of the village makes you crave the old era.